About Narelle Henson

Hi there! My name is Narelle Henson and I’m a stay-at-home revolutionary. Before my little lad came along I was a political, business and general reporter on TV, radio, in print and digital (not all at the same time!).

I did some time in the media team at the think tank Maxim Institute too, where I got to work on this sweet little doozy which tells you all about your tax. Check it out. I promise it will actually be interesting.

Now, I’m a weekly columnist for Stuff.co.nz. It’s how I get my regular fix of revolution, by trying to sort out the thoughts that really matter one at a time.

I’m married to the rather handsome Will Henson, and we’re currently nestled in my home town attempting to reign in out-of-control gardens while we raise our little boy.